Our manufacturing processes are:

Punch press
CNC turret punch press.

Press brake
Precision CNC press brake.

Welding, using GMAW (MIG), GTAW (TIG), SMAW (stick) processes or spot welding. Digital controlled welding machines.

Superficial grinding
Extensive superficial grinding, for burr and scratch removal, or to achieve a uniform texture.

Clinching fastener installation

PEM self-clinching fastener installation eliminates the need of welded studs or hardware during product assembly.

Superficial finishing could be added to the parts, such as powder paint, anodize, yellow zinc, tin or silver plating.

Design and development
Design and development of sheet metal parts from an initial concept or sketch. Fabrication drawing creation and assembly exploded views on CAD.

Quality system.
We work under an internal quality system, applying inspection standards, control and calibration of instruments along with production control, assuring process repetitiousness and product quality.